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There has been a lot of research and information on the dimples on golf balls and what effect they have on the ball. A question asked by golf players everywhere is if the number of dimples on a golf ball makes a difference. Scientists feel that it plays a huge roll in their performance. The purpose of the dimple is to help the golf ball travel higher, faster and farther. The dimples allow the air to go over them thus eliminating much of the drag that would otherwise slow and pull the ball down. Tests have shown that golf balls with dimples on them will travel over two times as far as a golf ball with no dimples.

There isn’t a set number of dimples on a golf ball. The golf balls may be the same size, but the dimples may be different size, shape, or thickness. In addition, dimples are made in different designs. Many companies are now capable of designing golf balls with an exact number of dimples on a golf ball for one specific player depending on what he needs. Technology has come a long way from when the dimples were pounded in with a hammer!

The exact number of dimples on a golf ball will vary depending on what company manufactured the ball, but the numbers will vary from 300 to 500 with the average being 336. There have been some balls with over 500 dimples, but this is not the norm. The golf ball that holds the record for the most dimples had 1,070 dimples. They consisted of 414 large ones in different sizes and 657 very small ones.

It is an interesting fact that all brands of balls, with the exception of one, have an even number of dimples on a golf ball. The odd numbered ball has 333 dimples. Many golfers feel that the ideal number of dimples on a golf ball would be between 380 and 432. This, however, will differ depending on whom you speak with and how they golf.

There is no restriction on the number of dimples on a golf ball, but golfers believe that too many dimples may produce too much drag and they would be defeating their purpose of having them. There is much work and testing involved in putting in the correct number of dimples for maximum performance. Because there are different circumstances where a golfer would need more or less speed or drag, the number must fit the occasion.

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