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Quick and easy hillbilly golf rules


Hillbilly golf, also known as ladder golf, is an outdoor lawn game that only requires a few simple pieces of equipment and a group of friends or family. Its a great game for adding to the fun of a family gathering or birthday party. The necessary pieces of equipment can be constructed yourself, and hillbilly golf rules are easy to learn and easy to understand by adults and children of all ages. To get started enjoying this exciting game, first become familiar with some of the basic hillbilly golf rules.

Before you get started with hillbilly golf rules, you will need to gather the equipment needed to play the game. First, you will need a piece of rope about one foot long, with a regular golf ball tied to each end. You will probably want to make a few of these playing pieces. The only other piece of equipment you will need is a simple ladder, about waist high, that can easily be constructed from PVC pipes. This ladder needs to have three evenly spaced rungs on it.

Hillbilly golf rules say that you try to land your rope with the golf balls attached on a rung of the ladder. You will need to aim carefully at the rung that you want to hit, and throw your rope at the right speed so that it will wrap around the rung and remain there. Depending on where your toss lands, you will earn a number of points. First, divide the players into teams, and follow these simple hillbilly golf rules to get the fun started:

• Hillbilly golf rules usually say that only one player from each team plays a round, but you can alter the rules to where every player tosses each round and the scores are added up to determine your team's score for that round. Teams of two work well, and you can have as many teams as you wish.
• Each ladder rung is designated a certain amount of points. Typically the top rung is worth two points, the bottom rung is worth one point, and the middle rung represents two points since it is the most difficult to hit. If you want, you can alter the point system to suit your tastes.
• The first team to reach a score of twenty-one wins the game. It is handy to have something to post the scores on after each round in order to avoid any confusion.
• You should throw your game pieces at a distance of about ten paces from the ladder. If you would like to make the game more challenging, move back one pace at the end of each round.

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