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USGA 4 Basic Golf Rules

from: Forsgrens

The USGA (United States Golf Association) publish an official golf rule book each year that is updated with the latest amendments and changes, if any. Below, find a list of a few of the basic regulations:

1. After you have finished positioning yourself to make a shot, and the ball moves, you have to penalize yourself by one stroke, as well as put the ball back in the original spot.

Assume that the ball happens to move before you are completely positioned to swing, there is no penalty and you simply put the ball back where it was to make another shot.

2. The golf regulation term "casual water" refers to puddles, or anything similar, that are made in the fairway. If your ball should land in a casual water area, you are completely entitled to move the ball and doing so without receiving a penalty.

You just find the closest point from the casual water area that has no obstruction and move the ball over by the length of one club, but not any closer to the hole. Lay the ball down and then continue with your shot.

The casual water does not pertain to puddles, and the like, when they are inside of a hazard area. For example, Should your ball land in a puddle of water that is inside a bunker, there is no relief.  The ball has already been hit inside of a hazard and you must suffer through making the shot out of the puddle.

3. It can happen that the ball will become embedded into an area that has soft, muddy turf. This could be on the fairway, the tee box, or the green. If this is the case you are entitled to move the ball without receiving a penalty.

Just pick the ball up, clean it off, and place the ball down as close as possible to the original area where it landed. And just like the rule about casual water mentioned above, if your ball becomes embedded in an area of the rough, or anywhere else besides the fairway, green, or tee box, you are unfortunately stuck the challenge of making the shot.

4. Last, but not least, the rules state that if your ball lands in an area on the golf course that is under repair, you may be relieved without collecting a penalty. Just move the ball as close to the outside area of the repair zone as possible, and shoot again.

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